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Businesses operate in a complex web of laws and regulations, and accordingly, U.S. legal spend is astronomical. Despite the importance of legal to running a successful business, the traditional law firm business model has not significantly changed in over 100 years. Today’s emerging companies, accustomed to technological innovation in almost every other industry, are feeling the pain.


Annual spend on legal

$650 billion

spent on outside law firms globally*

$160 billion

spent on internal legal departments*

Representing nearly 2% of US GDP*

*Catalyst, Legal Tech Market Report, 2017

A higher standard for startup legal services

We’ve felt the pain too. The serial entrepreneurs, inventive engineers, and pragmatic lawyers at Atrium have founded companies, worked at startups, and billed hours at the large traditional law firms. We came together to build a law firm and technology company because we believe that obtaining premium corporate legal services for startups does not have to feel like a burden out of the 1900s.

With a modern and dramatically better client experience as our guide, we are building a technology platform for our legal professionals to meet client needs responsively. We are rethinking and refining how services are packaged and priced so that legal spend is clear, transparent, and predictable for startup legal budgets. We hire experienced startup lawyers so that clients know our professionals are attuned to their needs.

Our mission is to accelerate our clients’ growth through world-class legal advice and frictionless transactions. Delight Every Client is one of our core company values. And as a result, our clients have rewarded us with excellent client satisfaction scores.

A higher standard for client satisfaction


Average legal services NPS®*


Average professional services NPS**


Atrium’s NPS***

*2019 Legal Industry NPS® Benchmarks

**CustomerGauge – NPS & CX Benchmarks 2018

***as of August 2019

Net Promoter, Net Promoter System, Net Promoter Score, NPS, and the NPS-related emoticons are registered trademarks of Bain & Company, Inc., Fred Reichheld and Satmetrix Systems, Inc.

Why Atrium

Atrium was co-founded by Justin Kan, a serial entrepreneur, to reimagine the delivery of legal services through technology. Backed by leading venture investors and featuring top engineering and legal talent, we understand the needs of startups.

We built Atrium as a client-centric corporate law firm for startups, combining world-class legal talent with a technology platform that facilitates a transparent and collaborative attorney-client relationship.

“Having built 5 companies, raised nearly $150M in capital, and personally invested in over 100 startups, I could never escape the pains of legal. I knew there had to be a better way—one that had the startup’s best interest in mind.”

– Justin Kan, Co-founder & CEO, Atrium

Atrium by the numbers

$75.5 million

Raised from Andreessen Horowitz, Y Combinator, and General Catalyst, among others

$1 billion

Helped our clients raise over $1B in 100+ equity financings




in-house legal team



Moving legal forward

For our clients

We are reenvisioning legal as a business builder, not a blocker. Our clients experience this shift when they access their important legal documents curated on the Atrium platform, when they can eliminate rounds of back-and-forth and ambiguity by using purpose-built collaboration tools, and when they can email or call their lawyer without watching the clock and dreading the bill for 10 minutes of attorney time.

Large traditional law firms are slow to change. Atrium is building the law firm of the future.

For legal professionals

Legal practitioners who care about their clients and love the practice of law, but are tired of the misaligned incentives and inefficient ways of working at traditional firms can find their professional home at Atrium.

At Atrium, legal performance is evaluated based on the quality of the services you provide, not on the number of hours you bill.

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