Our Story

At Atrium, we are building technology that lets lawyers provide exceptional legal service better and faster. We are doing that as a team of engineers, designers and lawyers working on legal products for high growth technology companies.

The idea for Atrium started in Silicon Valley with Justin Kan. Justin, a serial entrepreneur and angel investor, wanted to learn why so many of the law firms serving the fastest growing technology companies rarely used software innovations to improve their services. To find out, he asked Augie Rakow, a corporate partner at a major Silicon Valley law firm who was looking for ways to use software to improve lawyers’ ability to serve clients.

It turns out there are many barriers to adopting or creating new technology at a traditional law firm. For one, traditional firms don’t employ strong engineers and product people (even when they are in Silicon Valley). It’s also nobody’s main job to figure out how to best use the newest and greatest technology. And when revenue is tied to hourly billing, there’s little incentive to do so.

To solve this, Augie teamed up with successful lawyer-turned-entrepreneur Bebe Chueh to found Atrium LLP, a technology-first law firm. They partnered with Justin and Chris Smoak to also create Atrium LTS (Legal Technology Services), a legal technology company with a world-class engineering team to build tools for that firm.

We’re making access to corporate legal services transparent and price-predictable by building the largest structured data platform for organizational and contract data. We use modern techniques for extracting data currently locked away in legal documents, modeling how best to store this information, and inventing new ways for lawyers and paralegals to interact with the resulting structured data to help advise clients.

Atrium provides a better experience for legal clients than they previously thought possible: increasing communication, accuracy, and speed of service.