Learn how to raise a successful venture round from Atrium’s community of entrepreneurs and investors.
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Atrium Academy starts Mar. 24, 2018.

Founders may only go through a handful of fundraises in their lives but investors are pitched everyday. As a result, raising venture capital can feel opaque, arbitrary, and unpredictable. To demystify this process, we created Atrium Academy, a free 2-day bootcamp hosted by Atrium LTS CEO Justin Kan, former Y Combinator partner and entrepreneur.

Our mission is to level the playing field by giving entrepreneurs best practices directly from VCs and serial entrepreneurs who have seen a lot of successful pitches and raised hundreds of millions collectively.

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The Mechanics of Fundraising
We'll walk you through the fundraising process and show you how to negotiate a great term sheet.

Pre and Post-Term Sheet
We'll show how you can speed up your fundraising process by doing due diligence preparation in advance, and explain the next steps after you decide on a term sheet.

Breakout Sessions
You'll get individual feedback on your pitch deck and fundraising strategy from experienced founders.

Investor Office Hours
You'll get a chance to meet with top-tier VCs from the Atrium community.


“Atrium Academy was a fantastic educational experience on the mechanics of fundraising. I received great insider fundraising tips from successful entrepreneurs and VCs. The program also helped me tailor my deck, story, meet investors, and identify legal roadblocks.”
— Rahul Chitrapu, CEO of Instaread

“Their guidance, expertise, and hands-on approach has provided us with the knowledge to properly tackle raising our next round in 2018. We learned from founders who have successfully raised and from Atrium’s lawyers who provided best practices on what to expect throughout the entire process.”
— David Hua, CEO of Meadow

“Early in the process, one of the most important things to figure out is how to talk about your business with people who have very little context. Atrium Academy teaches you how to talk about your business, what questions investors will likely have, and why they will like or won’t like your business.”
— Avichal Garg, YC Partner


Can I apply?
You should be a venture-ready company. In our experience that means you are seeing rapid, double-digit growth (on millions of annual revenue if you’re monetizing, or hundreds of thousands of daily users if you aren’t). In your application, please include reasoning on why you are ready to fundraise.

When is Atrium Academy?
Because the company fundraising can’t wait until any particular event happens, Atrium Academy is a reoccurring event that we throw regularly throughout the year.

When should I apply to Atrium Academy?
When you anticipate being a Series A ready company (per the above criteria), and are prepared to kick off the fundraising process. You should be prepared to bring a rough deck with you for review.

Why are you doing this?
Atrium’s mission is to help founders. We think offering free, educational workshops for the startup community is one way of doing that.

Is there any cost?
No, Atrium Academy is a free event for invited founders.

Do I need to meet with the VCs in the Atrium community?
Not if you don’t want to. We will try to match you with partners from top firms who are interested in your market. They will not get any information about your company prior to meeting.

Do I need to be an Atrium LLP client to attend?
No, all founders are welcome to apply.