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The Founder’s Guide to Emotions

As an Enneagram Type 7 (The Enthusiast), I’ve spent my life chasing new highs and running from my “negative” emotions. I must have been fated to find a career in startups, which provide a constant rollercoaster of both. New highs:

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6 min read

Founder’s Guide to Productive Board Meetings

As CEO, one of my responsibilities is to run our company’s board meetings. Throughout my career, I’ve had experience both running board meetings and attending as an investor or an independent member. If managed poorly or without an aligned goal

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13 min read

Founder’s Guide to Running a Successful All-Hands

In the earliest days of a startup, company communication is often an informal mix of ad-hoc discussions, brainstorming sessions, and the periodic over-the-shoulder announcement. Eventually, the time comes when that three-to-five-person team goes into a thirty-to-fifty, to three hundred-person company

8 min read

Pre and Post-Money SAFEs: Choosing the Right One for Your Startup

This article was originally published on TechCrunch as part of an ongoing series from industry experts, covering hot topics that founders are wrestling with every day as they build their companies. — With Y Combinatorʼs Demo Day taking place at Pier