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Founder's Guide
8 min read

Why Founders Should Start With a Website, Not a Mobile App

When I was a Stanford undergraduate in 2012, everyone seemed to be building apps. The sexiest tech startups—Snap, Uber, Facebook—were almost synonymous with the word “app,” and that the world was moving increasingly towards “mobile-only” software. Mobile fever was everywhere,…

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Founder's Guide
19 min read

The Founder’s Guide to Understanding Investors

As Justin Kan’s Chief of Staff, I am actively involved in operating Atrium and investing in early-stage startups. Founders ask me many questions, but there’s one they ask me more often than any other: “how do investors evaluate startups?” By…

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meadow team
7 min read

How to Win at Team Building and Retention

Since starting Meadow in 2014, we’ve only had one employee leave. When she did, it was at our encouragement (so she could start her own business) and she still remains one of our fiercest supporters and ambassadors. When I state…

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