14 min read

How to Raise a Seed Round

We learned something interesting by running Atrium Scale, a bootcamp for raising Series A funding from VCs: many applicants aren’t ready for a Series A. They haven’t figured out things like customer acquisition costs, unit economics, business model, and other

5 min read

Behind the scenes: How a former Tesla PM raised $8M

There is no conventional timeline on when you should raise money. It’s whenever you have a winning recipe to scale your business with capital investment. If you have data to build a strong story around this, then you’re ready to

4 min read

Behind the Scenes: How Justin Kan Fundraises

After accompanying Justin to hundreds of pitches leading up to what TechCrunch called one of the biggest “party rounds” in the Valley, I got to experience and distill some best practices for fundraising. Misconceptions when Raising While most natives are more familiar