7 min read

Three Stories

It’s easy to recall the things that went well during your startup. Here are three stories about times when things weren’t going so well. In the first two years of’s existence, we had a bus number of 1: Emmett was the

2 min read

Survive and Thrive

This is an excerpt from the introduction I give to my group at Y Combinator at our orientation before each batch begins. Several years ago my my cofounder Michael and I were recalling the early days of when he

2 min read

How to Pitch Your Startup on Stage

At technology conferences over the past couple months I’ve had the opportunity to meet some amazing startups by talented people from around the world. Unfortunately, I’ve often had to determine that their startups were interesting by deciphering a very confusing

4 min read

Behind the Scenes: How Justin Kan Fundraises

After accompanying Justin to hundreds of pitches leading up to what TechCrunch called one of the biggest “party rounds” in the Valley, I got to experience and distill some best practices for fundraising. Misconceptions when Raising While most natives are more familiar