Help us build a professional services network tailored for startups

What we do

Atrium is reimagining the way professional services for startups are delivered. As we grow, our vision is to be the most client-centric platform for professional services for fast-growing companies.

We are achieving this through a combination of our in-house consultative services, network of professional services providers, and technology platform that facilitates frictionless collaboration. Help us achieve this and more.

The A-Team Values

The A-Team Values

We provide great experiences for our clients by building deeper, long-term relationships oriented around helping them achieve their goals and dreams.

Execute with Empathy

We approach conversations with empathy first, meaning we treat each other as people, not objects while still holding each other accountable to execution and performance.

A-Team or Fail

We operate with a single, yet interdependent community mindset, aligning our interests as one and acting with empathy for each other.

Elevate the Game

We’re constantly striving to raise the bar in ways big and small, empowering each other to level up with opportunities to learn and grow.

Rethink the Cake

We think from first principles – identifying problems, challenging commonly-held beliefs, and rigorously testing possible solutions.

Win with Integrity

We champion the right course (even when it’s unfavorable or hard); we choose to be transparent and honorable in our pursuit of success.



  • Health, dental, vision, life, and disability insurance
  • 401k
  • Commuter benefits
  • Competitive compensation (base and equity)
  • Catered lunch daily
  • San Francisco office across from 4th & King CalTrain with large private patio and views of downtown

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