We're engineers, designers, & PMs helping to shape the future of the legal industry.

Engineering Culture

Our engineering and product teams are built as cross-functional squads, consisting of engineers, product owners, product designers, and legal subject matter experts. Teams have a great deal of autonomy and ownership of everything they work on.

Our core tech stack consists of React, TypeScript, GraphQL, Ruby on Rails and PostgreSQL. We’re pragmatic when it comes to technology and are always looking to choose the right tool for the job. Additionally, part of our team is focused on machine learning, working to build a unique corpus of data from the legal workflows of our attorneys and paralegals, establishing a long-term, competitive advantage in the market.

We strive to apply engineering best practices such as unit and integration tests, peer code reviews, CI/CD, and feature flags, which allow us to ship code to production many times per day. As an engineer at Atrium, you’re able to participate in product and technical decisions that you may not see at a larger company. You also have access to Atrium’s CEO, Justin Kan, as a mentor.

If you’re entrepreneurial, eager to question the status quo, product-minded, and user-centric, you’ll be a great fit to tackle these challenges.

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The problems we solve are highly complex and involve understanding processes that are primarily performed offline and often without any structure. We’re building software for things that have often never had technology applied to them.

We have a huge opportunity in front of us. Corporate legal services and fees total $158B a year, with the largest global law firm doing only $2.8B in annual revenue. This is a hugely fragmented market.

Law firms have been glacially slow in their adoption of technology and lack any incentive to innovate, due to their ability to charge clients by the hour. A lack of technology, slow moving incumbents, and a huge market create key dynamics that make law firms themselves ripe for disruption.

Atrium’s unique position as a technology company and a law firm offers us the ability to innovate at all levels of the “stack”, fundamentally rethinking the way law firms are constructed and how legal services are delivered.

“For most products I’ve worked on, the engineers aren’t building things for people in the same city, much less the same room. Atrium is different because the people whose lives I’m improving are sitting right next to me. This experience has really increased my rate of feedback and learning.”

Daniel Rhodes
Engineer @ Atrium

“As an engineer at Atrium, I am able to take on challenging work as part of a very skilled and collaborative team. Together we are building products that help our legal team and clients, while ultimately improving the legal industry.”

Julia Hazer
Engineer @ Atrium

About Atrium

Atrium's products augment our team of legal experts and clients, increasing efficiency and transparency throughout all stages of legal work. Clients and Atrium attorneys seamlessly manage corporate records, track projects, and draft key documents through Atrium's product, resulting in a vastly superior experience that enables clients to focus on growing their businesses.

Open Positions

We’re actively hiring for positions all across our team and tech stack.

Atrium is committed to building a diverse and inclusive company culture that celebrates individuals of all backgrounds. We strongly encourage women, people of color, and gender minorities to apply.

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