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Legal Culture

Atrium is committed to building the best law firm for the most talented legal professionals. This means increasingly allowing our legal team members to focus on higher level advising and do less of the automatable work, develop their skills faster than at a conventional law firm, and have an innovative work environment where best practices are proliferated and there is consistent improvement of technology and process over time.

To do this, we organize our legal teams around shared, focused goals. We know it takes time to see patterns, spot opportunities and run experiments, and we believe in the power of specialization to make us smarter and accelerate breakthroughs.

Within these teams, we’ve reimagined how traditional law firms assign work to legal professionals. We organize ourselves for our clients’ needs and experience, rather than organizing around partners’ client relationships, which politicizes the workplace and creates fiefdoms instead of common purpose.    

The legal profession is on the cusp of its largest transformation since The West Publishing Company started publishing American case law in the 1880s. We are about to become something new. If this inspires and excites you, you’ll be a great fit to help us build the law firm of the future.

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The world’s great law firms house enterprises of incredible achievement in the core legal skills of analysis, negotiation, drafting, project management, leadership, sales, and client relations. These examples inspired the creation of Atrium...and yet, we knew we could do much more.

Clients will always want to move faster. They will always seek expertise and support that is more relevant to their goals. They will always want more options, cheaper, better, and with less friction. We embrace this truth as our muse because we build for the future. Our clients’ infinite needs are our roadmap to excellence.

Here at Atrium, our unique position as a law firm and a technology company offers us the ability to innovate at all levels of our operations, fundamentally rethinking the way law firms operate and how legal services are delivered.

“I thought I came to Atrium because I wanted to go into Product or Business...but I love being a lawyer again.”

Matt Pelnar
Attorney, Atrium Counsel

“Working at Atrium has made me passionate about the legal industry - people here care about what I want to learn and what I want to become.”

Yena Kim
Paralegal, Atrium Finance

About Atrium

Atrium is the most client-centric law firm for fast growing companies. Atrium was founded by serial entrepreneur, Twitch founder and Y Combinator partner Justin Kan and Augie Rakow, a corporate partner at a major Silicon Valley law firm, with the goal of combining the expertise of a full service law firm with the technology development processes and growth ambitions of a Silicon Valley tech firm.

Today, we’re a growing team of lawyers, paralegals, engineers, designers, and operations experts working to delight every client by making legal services faster and more transparent with upfront pricing. We’re doing this by pairing legal professionals with top-tier technical talent in order to reimagine how legal services are delivered to high-growth companies.

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Open Positions

We’re actively hiring for positions across our legal team.

Atrium is committed to building a diverse and inclusive company culture that celebrates individuals of all backgrounds. We strongly encourage women, people of color, and gender minorities to apply.

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