Clearbit creates software products and data APIs that help businesses grow.




San Francisco

Dedicated Attorney

Catherine Zhu

An extension of the Clearbit team

Clearbit is building a marketing data support system for modern businesses. Their data analysis tools provide companies with a deeper understanding of prospective customers and helps personalize growth outreach and other interactions. Because Clearbit is a data company, their sales agreements oftentimes require thorough and customized legal contract review. These reviews must be executed with a thorough understanding of Clearbit’s business and related areas of law, otherwise legal review will inhibit sales’ ability to close deals and grow the business.

Clearbit not only needed faster contract review, but also a legal partner that understood the nuances of their business and how this should affect legal language. To eliminate this friction point, the team looked to Atrium Contracts to speed up review of NDAs and customer agreements. By reducing contract turnaround time, establishing operational efficiencies, and gaining a strategic legal advisor, Clearbit well-exceeded its original revenue targets and advanced toward new ones. “We’ve beat our revenue goal and are within striking distance of our stretch goal,” says Head of Strategic Accounts, Mike Heller. “Atrium responsiveness has been a major help in getting us there.”

With Atrium Contracts, Clearbit has a dedicated lawyer, Catherine Zhu, who has an intricate understanding of their industry and business, as well as a supporting team with the resources and expertise to handle complex legal requests.

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  • “By having a clear understanding of Clearbit’s business and technology, Catherine’s able to provide more informed counsel regarding our legal risks.”