Dharma Labs is a protocol for generic tokenized debt agreements.


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Dharma Labs Adapts Quickly with Crypto-Focused Legal Advisors

Dharma Labs is a protocol for generic, tokenized debt agreements. As Dharma’s Founder Nadav Hollander puts it, “Dharma is building the easiest place to borrow and lend cryptocurrencies.”

“When you’re operating at the raw, bleeding edge of crypto finance, you really have to engage a lot of creativity and figure out how to structure products in a way that puts your best foot forward from a compliance standpoint,” says Nadav. “With this particular scope of regulatory work, you can’t just say, ‘you fit into x-method or you fit into y-method’. It requires a lot more creativity and the Atrium team has been essential in helping us explore different possible structures for our product.”

With the traditional hourly cost structures of Dharma’s past law firms, their team was constrained from maintaining continuous strategic communication with their legal advisors by limiting their legal conversations to very reactive, transactional decisions. Working with Atrium’s subscription-based cost structure, the Dharma team can now collaborate with their legal advisors without hesitation. “We started working with Atrium over a year ago and it was just a night and day difference,” shares Nadav. “Being able to reach out to your counsel as if they were on your team and not as if every single minute is being tabulated is just immensely valuable.”

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  • “It’s great to have a single shop where you can get great analysis on blockchain work as well as general corporate matters.”