Hint Health is an administration platform for direct care health providers.


Healthcare, SaaS


San Francisco

Dedicated Attorney

Matt Pelnar

Proactive and strategic legal support

Hint Health’s software platform gives Direct Care providers the tools they need to provide a better healthcare experience. As the company continues to empower more providers, employing scalable and efficient operational processes becomes increasingly critical.

To continue powering its mission, Hint relies on Atrium to provide the legal efficiency, support, and transparency it needs to serve its growing user base. “I chose Atrium because I wanted to have a team in place that operates as a proactive legal partner,” shares Hint CEO, Zak Holdsworth, “and is a one-stop-shop, where I can get all my legal needs met.”

With Atrium, Hint’s dedicated attorney, Matt Pelnar actively manages its day-to-day legal transactions and provides strategic counsel on items such as healthcare regulation, corporate governance, and information privacy — all on a flat-rate pricing model. A subscription model gives Hint the power to call on Matt for legal support and business strategy without the stress of the billable hour. In addition, Hint has access to Atrium’s proprietary technology which serves as a central hub to collaborate and execute on all legal activities. “The Atrium Hiring app saves me the time I would have usually spent emailing back and forth to have a contract drafted,” adds Hint’s Head of Operations, Mark Nolan. “Previously, the drafting of an offer letter would take up to a full day. Now that takes us less than 30 minutes.” With the mix of flat-rate pricing and transparency through Atrium’s app, legal is no longer a worry for Hint.

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  • “Thanks to the clarity that Atrium provides, legal concerns don’t become issues for our business. The items that might typically create blockers are preemptively addressed by our attorney, Matt so that we can focus on the operations of our business.”

    Head of Operations, Mark Nolan