Kittyhawk unifies the mission, aircraft, and data to empower safe and effective enterprise drone operations.


Drone & Aviation


San Francisco

Kittyhawk builds software that makes controlling fleets of drones as precise as large-scale aircraft. Since 2015, they have expanded to serve many Fortune 500 companies.

As the company grew, their legal needs outgrew the capabilities their boutique law firm could handle. Kittyhawk’s CEO, Jon Hegranes turned to Atrium for startup legal expertise and an attentive counsel at a predictable price point.

Key Outcomes of Working with Atrium

  • Saved countless hours of work spent project managing their previous law firm.
  • Atrium offered the expertise needed at a reasonable price point, while still providing excellent attention and care.

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  • “We were trying to solve for the new problems we would be facing during the next phase of our company. We were set on finding a legal partner who could handle all types of work under one roof and grow with us while also providing the attentiveness that big law couldn’t offer.”