Vertically integrated sustainable meat company.


Sustainable Food



Dedicated Attorney

Tony Wang

Mission-driven advising

Kunoa is making a valuable impact in their community by ushering in a future where Hawaii’s food is locally raised with integrity and care. As a mission-driven company, Kunoa requires a tailored approach to making strategic legal decisions that consider both commercial gains as well as benefits to the public.

To operate in a manner that advances the goals of both financial return and social impact, Kunoa needed an ally adept in advising mission-driven founders on key areas of their strategic approach. With Atrium, Kunoa has a legal partner with a vested interest in mission-driven companies and the capability to advise on topics like entity-type, fundraising, employment, equity compensation, corporate governance, and board matters. By combining an understanding and appreciation for their company’s values with proven experience in navigating these unique challenges, Atrium is able to provide the specific support Kunoa needs.

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  • “It’s nice to have someone who sees the world the same way you do. Because of Tony’s background and his personal mission, he understands exactly what I’m trying to achieve as a fellow social entrepreneur.”