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Nabis is a leading distributor of cannabis products servicing hundreds of licensed businesses in California. The unique legal challenges in scaling a business like Nabis are essentially woven into every operational component of their business model.

“At my last company we had about ten total investors,” Nabis’s co-founder and CEO, Vince Ning points out. “With Nabis, we have about forty to fifty different investor groups or angels. Managing all of that paperwork and documentation with the cannabis-specific requirements is much more involved. Having Atrium centralize all of our documents and tell us what we need in certain cases has helped tremendously.”

With both physical and virtual services to deliver, Nabis has a complex mix of expenses to plan for; the major line items being significant capital expenditures to maintain its distribution operations, and engineering and SaaS costs to run its technology and servers. With Atrium’s flat-rate pricing model, legal expenses are one less thing to worry about when planning budgets. As Vince puts it, “having consistency with our legal pricing gives us a lot of comfort in knowing that our expenses won’t skyrocket unexpectedly and allows us to plan better.”

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  • “We’ve worked with a number of law firms along the way to ensure our business is legally sound. Atrium has been a key partner in that process and if my co-founder, Jun and I were to start a law firm, it would look a lot like this.”

    Vince Ning, co-founder & CEO