Stable, digital currency for countries with high inflation.


Digital Currency


Oakland, CA

Dedicated Attorney

Amy Lou

Ross Barbash

Reserve enables people and businesses in countries with high inflation to protect their money by moving it into a stable, digital currency. With digital currency being a new and largely uncharted space to run a business in, navigating the complex and evolving regulatory environment is no small task.

“Reserve’s network has two tokens in it, a stablecoin and a secondary token — both of which have unique regulations,” tells Reserve’s in-house General Counsel, Matt Gertler. “Reserve needed someone who could ideate different legal approaches so that we could have a wide canvas to create our go-to-market strategy with.”

“Two big advantages we gained in moving to Atrium is trust and risk profile. Our other firms had been too conservative in their approach. With Atrium, we can talk more openly and brainstorm to push the boundaries of what’s being done in this space, while still mitigating our legal risks,” says Reserve’s Legal Researcher, Mark Lee.

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  • “With Atrium, you have attorneys with experience in the blockchain industry who make these types of decisions all the time. Being able to pull from strategies they’ve already devised and proven, or knowing what approaches can cause certain problems is extremely helpful.”