SendBird is a chat platform for mobile app and websites.


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San Francisco

Dedicated Attorney

Lyman Thai

Greater clarity, smarter fundraising

SendBird provides businesses with a white-label, in-app messaging solution that propels user engagement, retention, and conversion. To digitize communication for businesses, SendBird requires support in a wide scope of legal areas.

Despite the breadth of SendBird’s legal needs, tracking down the right specialist for every unique issue would require time better spent operating its business. Fortunately, by working with Atrium, SendBird has a technology-enabled corporate law firm with teams of attorneys who actively manage and facilitate the provision of legal services for the company, allowing the SendBird team to focus on business growth.

“I like Atrium’s processes and transparency. The extra visibility and upfront pricing means I don’t have to worry about an upcoming bill or wonder if the invoice is accurate.” John Kim, SendBird CEO

Atrium manages everything from cap table management, financing, and contract negotiation for SendBird. When it came time to complete SendBird’s Series B fundraising, SendBird made it clear that an efficient and timely close to the round was a priority for their business.

With the aid of Atrium attorneys whose focus is mastering and completing financing deals, SendBird was able to push the pace of the company-side legal work and close their Series B fundraising round in line with the company’s accelerated timetable.

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  • “I’ve worked with some great attorneys along the way, but Atrium’s business model is different than others, and I’m happy to confirm this improved approach works well for our business.”