Atrium Engineering
Our engineers work in small, cross-functional teams that include a lawyer or paralegal as a “legal PM.” Engineers collaborate with the legal team to learn their workflows and build software they use in their practice, every day.

We conduct regular standups to plan new features or launch new products, engineering demos to discuss progress and work through tough problems together, and Friday “Demos & Drinks” to share what we're building with the entire company. The team heavily employs GitHub’s PR system and related integrations, and we typically push to production multiple times a day.

The Atrium Way

Product Focus
We work closely with our users (lawyers and clients) to understand their needs, so we can develop tools to make their jobs and lives easier.
Ownership & Delivery
We work in small cross-functional teams, making a large impact on the products we create from idea to launch.
Quick Iteration
We have a bias to build MVPs and collect direct feedback from the users of our software for faster iteration.
“For most products I’ve worked on, the engineers aren’t building things for people in the same city, much less the same room. Atrium is different because the people whose lives I’m improving are sitting right next to me. This experience has really increased my rate of feedback and learning.”
— Daniel Rhodes, Engineer at Atrium

The Product

When we started building Atrium, we had a straightforward plan to bring technology to the legal services market for startups. We've done that: Atrium LLP has helped companies raise over $125M in new financings, has over 65 clients, and a top team of lawyers -- and all those numbers are growing.

Now, we have an even bigger vision: become the structured data platform for every company's corporate information. By automatically extracting data from the legal documents we have access to, we can understand everything about a company: the breakdown of ownership, corporate timeline, employees, major contracts, etc. With this data we not only continue to improve legal services, we can build many applications beyond legal, from a marketplace of services to data sharing across companies.


Disrupt a huge market — Corporate legal services and fees total $158B a year, with the largest global law firm doing only $2.8B in annual revenue. This is a hugely fragmented market that no one owns because they haven't applied technology... as Atrium is doing now.

Opportunity for growth — Being part of a small engineering team, you’re able to participate in many decisions that you may not see at a larger company. You also have access to Atrium LTS CEO, Justin Kan, as a mentor. We have bi-weekly, round table sessions where employees are invited to discuss business topics with Justin.