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Atrium’s Next Chapter

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When we started Atrium, we started with the goal of making things easier for founders. As someone who has been a founder for his entire professional career—I love startups—I feel so much gratitude that I am a member of an incredible community of entrepreneurs who challenge and inspire me.

In January I spoke about an operational transition that we made in order to expand our service offerings to clients. Since then, we’ve received positive feedback from existing clients, and an entirely new set of clients. They trust our founder-focused professional services, and have voiced excitement for even more opportunity for customized mentorship, and a concierge program of expert advisers. Founders are seeking holistic business services and advice for the key issues they face.

Unfortunately, even with these strong signals and our success to date, I believe Atrium does not have a sustainable path forward. Because of that, we have made the hard decision to wind down Atrium’s startup operations, leaving only the law firm in operation.

I want to reassure our legal clients that service is our number one priority. I am happy to announce that Atrium Law LLP is continuing to provide superb service under the leadership of Managing Partners Michel Narganes and Matthew Melville.

This has been an incredible learning experience, and the team at Atrium is the best I have ever worked with. I am grateful to the members of my executive team and all Atrium team members who showed commitment, leadership and high integrity throughout the Atrium journey.

Thank you all.
Justin Kan

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  • It takes a lot to make these kind of decisions. One door closes and another one will open, I am sure. For you and for the rest of the team.
    Good luck and keep the mission of helping founders alive.

  • mm

    Justin Kan is a renowned figure in Silicon Valley most known for co-founding Twitch, formerly justin.tv, which sold to Amazon for $1 billion. Since he started his entrepreneurial journey in the Valley 15 years ago, Justin has founded 5 startups and invested in over 120 companies. Today, he’s the CEO and Co-founder of Atrium, a company that’s reimagining the delivery and consumption of professional services to allow founders to re-focus on their superpower. Previous to Atrium, Justin was a Partner at the preeminent startup accelerator Y Combinator. There, he mentored many founders and learned the value of having a startup community to exchange information and knowledge. During this time, Justin also realized that no founder succeeds alone - and that all first-time founders or serial entrepreneurs - need guidance and resources to compete in today’s increasingly saturated startup market. This realization helped inspire the inception of Atrium. Other companies Justin founded include Exec, an on-demand errand service (acquired by Handybook in 2014); Socialcam, a mobile app for sharing video (acquired by Autodesk in 2012); and Kiko, the first Ajax web calendar. Outside of his professional accomplishments and activities, Justin is an advocate for living consciously and being holistically healthy, especially emotionally. He often leads discussions about what it means to be a conscious individual and bring your whole self to any situation in or out of work. Justin graduated from Yale University with a Bachelor’s in Physics and Philosophy.