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Augie Rakow steps down as Managing Partner

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Augie Rakow is stepping down as Managing Partner of Atrium, a technology-enabled full-service corporate law firm. “Building Atrium with Justin and the team has been a fantastic growth experience,” says Augie. “I’m hugely grateful for what I’ve learned as a lawyer and business builder, and proud of what we’ve created so quickly.”

Justin Kan (CEO) and Augie Rakow co-founded Atrium two years ago with the knowledge that there is a substantially better way to manage and deliver legal services. One of the things Justin and Augie bonded over immediately was their shared belief that the future of legal requires a new standard of excellence in legal management. They knew the legal market was hungry for change, and this is reflected in Atrium securing $75.5 million in fundraising and serving over 390 clients in just two years time.

Justin recalls, “Augie convinced me that Atrium could work and contributed his thriving legal practice to help build Atrium. I truly appreciate the opportunity to work with him and look forward to future chances to work together.”

During his time at Atrium, Augie defined what became Atrium’s first legal software product, recruited the initial legal team and many executives across the company, and developed the key legal workflows that make Atrium’s legal team operations truly scalable.

“As a lawyer, I’ve always loved this profession and wanted to free the wonderful parts of it from the painful parts, for both clients and practitioners alike. Atrium is really paving the way here, and it has been an honor to contribute to that journey,” Augie said. “I look forward to Atrium’s influence in the market for many years to come.”

Hans Kim, who has been serving as a Partner at Atrium, will now take on the role of Managing Partner. Hans Kim is a veteran corporate and securities lawyer with over twenty years of legal experience. He previously worked at Paul Weiss in New York and Tokyo, Kim & Chang in Seoul, and Wilson Sonsini in Palo Alto. A former entrepreneur himself, Hans understands the challenges of building a successful company from the ground up and firmly believes in Atrium’s mission of providing top quality legal services efficiently and cost-effectively.

“Augie’s infectious drive to push legal services into the future inspires clients and our A-team alike. He was an inspirational mentor to the entire legal team,” Hans states.

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