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An Unmatched Technology Platform That Redefines Legal Services

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Atrium provides a purpose-built technology platform that addresses the common legal needs of emerging companies. Our technology platform + services model simplifies the experience of accessing legal services by creating an effortless collaboration between founders and Atrium’s legal team.

By automating repetitive work and making the legal process more transparent, the Atrium platform helps our clients and attorneys collaborate with one another. As a result, clients receive proactive legal and strategic advice quickly and with minimal friction, have peace of mind when dealing with legal matters and spend less time on administrative busy work and more time growing their company.


Additional benefits that the Atrium platform provides founders with include:

  • Simplified legal workflows. Streamline your most common legal work with oversight by your legal team.
  • Centralized collaboration. Request, track, and collaborate on all legal projects with your legal team from within a centralized location.
  • Simplified communication. Communicate contextually with your legal team on all of your legal needs to reduce time spent emailing.
  • Robust document management. Access and manage up-to-date corporate legal documents, reviewed by your Atrium legal team.


With Atrium’s technology and services, clients have:

  • Transparent pricing for Atrium and third-party services that is upfront, standardized, and correlated with value—rather than time spent.
  • Improved transparency into the legal process and the ability to communicate with their service providers.
  • Faster delivery of legal work and advice.


Recently released platform features

Atrium recently released a suite of new features to help clients better collaborate with their legal team and manage their legal needs. Behind the scenes, Atrium’s technology platform supercharges our legal teams with custom tools, such as company records, version control, and project management workflows that enable them to provide exceptional service to clients.

With a client-centric project collaboration experience, our clients can better manage their legal projects and collaborate with their legal team on the Atrium platform.


Initiate, track, and manage legal projects + schedule time with your attorney.

Initiate requests for important legal documents, such as SAFEs or NDAs by providing the required information on the Atrium platform without playing email tag with your legal team. View and manage all your legal projects in one place to help you stay on top of important legal matters. Track the status of each project and collaborate contextually with your legal team on each project in one place. Schedule time with your attorney anytime with a few clicks on the Atrium platform.


Generate and sign hiring documents.

Generate hiring documents for new employees, advisors, and contractors and get them signed through the Atrium platform. As an Atrium member, simply enter the required information in the Hiring tool to generate hiring documents, preview, and download, and then send it to your new hire for signature. If you want additional assistance, you can have your legal team review documents before sharing them.



“Previously, the drafting of an offer letter would take up to a full day. Now, with Atrium, that takes us less than 30 minutes.” 



Manage your legal documents and corporate data.

Store, search, and maintain your corporate legal documents, in collaboration with your legal team, to align stakeholders on the most up-to-date company information and spend less time tracking legal documents. Your documents are labeled, sorted, and managed by Atrium’s technology platform and legal team to keep you ready for due diligence. View a summary of your most important corporate data, such as your company’s cap table, valuations, and financings in one place.


With Atrium, there’s a better way to work with legal

Working with counsel to ensure a strong legal foundation is an essential part of building and scaling a company. However, it is often a source of distraction and anxiety for founders.

We hear from our clients that the speed of service, responsiveness to their needs, and thorough understanding of their business are key reasons for choosing Atrium as their legal and technology partner.

We truly believe there is a better way to deliver legal services and we are on a mission to help founders accelerate the growth of their companies.

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Sahil is a product lead at Atrium where he is responsible for the product strategy and roadmap of the client experience team. His team helps design a 10x better experience for clients to receive proactive, transparent and frictionless legal services. Prior to Atrium, Sahil led the content product group at Course Hero where he played an important role in driving content growth, launching new content products and building an educator community. He started his career at Sears where he built a digital communications platform and managed a multi-channel retail business.