About Joanna

Joanna Shevelenko is the Chief Operating Officer of Atrium, where she oversees operations, finance, HR, recruiting, sales, account management, and marketing. So far, one of her most acclaimed projects was successfully navigating the company through its subscription-based pricing strategy and rollout. This allowed Atrium to achieve the highest client satisfaction rate in the legal services industry (aka Net Promoter Score) with over 450 clients signed up in just two years.

As an executive, she champions women-in-business and diversity and inclusion in the workplace at Atrium. Under her leadership today, nearly half of the company is made up of women (48%) with 60% in management positions. She has implemented processes to support employee resource groups for women, LGBQT+, and Black/African-Americans; ensure diverse hires are accounted for in the recruiting process; and, generous parental leave policies are provided.

Previously, she was the COO of Premise Data and the Head of Business Development, Mobile Partnerships at Facebook. At Facebook, she led key growth initiatives including building out its India office as part of its international expansion strategy. She was one of its first 100 hires.

Joanna is also the Founding Partner of F7 Ventures (female-led seed investment fund focused on getting women on cap tables) and a Board of Director for mPharma (a healthcare company providing access to high-quality medications in Africa).

She graduated from Harvard University with a Bachelor’s in Psychology.

“Quote should include quote marks”

-Joanna Shevelenko