About Lindsey

Lindsey brings a decade of experience in management and Human Resources (HR) as an Atrium HR & Culture Advisor. Her experience and expertise include employee engagement and retention, learning and development, employee mental health initiatives, and managerial programs for early-stage and hyper-growth startups. One of Lindsey’s most notable projects has been developing and implementing management operations at Atrium. This included developing manager training and curriculum, executing company-wide leadership training with a focus on cultivating a culture of open feedback, and designing a structured 1:1 and performance review process for over 140 employees.

Previously, Lindsey supervised 150 employees as a manager and executed benefits and other HR policies through major policy changes such as the Affordable Care Act. She was recognized repeatedly for her management and operational performance, and attained the highest increase in employee engagement score as well as the highest manager effectiveness score at the company among the ten branches in her district.

Lindsey entered the field of Human Resources because she is passionate about helping individuals grow, coaching individuals through professional challenges, and applying her decade of management experience to the development of people at startups. Particularly in her role as an Atrium HR & Culture Advisor, Lindsey is excited to expand her work of building HR policies as an integral part of corporate strategy for high-growth startups.

Lindsey holds an MBA and a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Marketing from Western Washington University

In her free time, Lindsey enjoys working on her ever-growing garden, going on urban hikes, and exploring the outdoors with her five-year-old Golden Retriever.

I’m particularly excited to work with high-growth startups to roll out HR policies that make employees feel engaged and supported because I have seen through experience that if you take care of your people, they will take care of the business.

-Lindsey Primozich, MBA