About Paul

Paul Drobot is the VP of Sales at Atrium where he oversees business development, client development, sales, partnerships, and account management. He is a recognized sales leader with over 20 years of experience leading and scaling revenue organizations. Since being at Atrium, the company reported its best quarter to date adding a record number of new clients.

Paul held leadership positions as the VP of Sales at LogikCull and DoubleDutch prior to Atrium. At LogikCull, his team’s performance drove a $25M round led by NEA, and at DoubleDutch, he grew his team to over 50 navigating the company ultimately to an acquisition. He was also at Intuit as a senior sales leader scaling the sales organization from 70 to over 300 people by creating an innovative Sales Training Nesting Program that catapulted sales performance and growth over 270%. Paul’s experiences and accomplishments extend to his time at 24 Hour Fitness as well where he received the company’s first Extreme LifeChanger Award for his leadership excellence.

Outside of Atrium, Paul is a Board Member of Grey's Gift Memorial Foundation educating others on the importance of newborn screening so that no other child dies, or is disabled, from an inherited, treatable disease.

Paul graduated from Eastern Michigan University with a Bachelor’s in Philosophy.