Startup Straight Talk

Startup Straight Talk

This podcast is a collection of our most popular blogs designed to provide advice from investors, founders, and Silicon Valley vets. You’ll hear startup advice, war stories, and best practices to help you navigate the world of entrepreneurship.

Coming in 2020, we will launch live episodes featuring interviews with heavyweights in the startup ecosystem.

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Most Recent Episodes

January 16, 2020

Creating Your Startup’s Narrative and Pitch

Creating a compelling narrative is critical to your startup's success. Before creating a pitch deck and meeting with investors, founders must perfect their company's narrative and value prop. Learn how to craft a compelling 3-part narrative and deliver an effective pitch in this episode of Startup Straight Talk.
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January 9, 2020

Why Founders Should Start With a Website, Not a Mobile App

Early on, founders must decide whether to build a website or mobile app. With the likes of Uber and others, it seems the world has been increasingly moving toward mobile. The fact is that building a website first offers many financial and strategic advantages. Learn why you should consider building a website first instead of an app in this episode of Startup Straight Talk.
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January 2, 2020

The Founder’s Guide to Raising a Series A Venture Financing

Many founders face important decisions when raising a Series A round. However, when done correctly, fundraising is not your end goal but a tool to build a strong business and find the right long-term partners. Learn how to approach the Series A fundraising process effectively—from deciding when you are ready to raise to setting up investor meetings—in this episode of Startup Straight Talk.
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December 26, 2019

Building a Sales Team From Zero to Ten

A common question founders have is how to build and scale their sales team. Sales is a vital function that requires a great level of strategic attention from the leaders of a startup. Learn when you should make your first sales, the right profiles for your first hires, when you should hire BDRs and more in this episode of Startup Straight Talk.
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December 19, 2019

The Founder’s Guide to Emotions

Any founder knows that building a company comes with an inevitable rollercoaster of emotions—from the excitement of landing large customers to the fear of not being able to raise enough capital. While society often equates showing emotions with weakness, by being open about your emotions and enabling your team to do the same, founders can make a profoundly positive effect on their organization and their own professional life. Learn how you can solve the deeper problems that affect your business through bringing your emotions to work in this episode of Startup Straight Talk.
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December 12, 2019

Founder’s Guide to the Investor Communications Process

Any founder who has raised capital knows that fundraising is hectic and stressful. Maintaining the momentum you need to secure favorable terms means keeping track of where you are in the process with each investor. Learn how founders can be proactive and organized about their fundraising process in this episode of Startup Straight Talk.
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December 5, 2019

How to Find Investors and Get Email Intros

It’s not who you know—it’s who your network knows. Building and leveraging your network to get introductions is the tried and true way to meet investors and get funding. Learn the art and science of the process in this episode of Startup Straight Talk.
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November 28, 2019

How to Be a Balanced CEO: Passion, Self-Awareness, and Support

Leading a startup towards success is no easy feat. Leading a startup through success is even harder. But, that is the life founders sign up for. In order to be the best CEO you can be, you need to make time for deliberate actions and habits to find balance in life. Learn how CEOs can balance their stress, passion, and self-awareness in this episode of Startup Straight Talk.
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November 21, 2019

Founder’s Guide to Allocating Co-Founder Equity

The decisions made around allocating equity early on in a startup’s lifecycle will have major effects on its long-term financial well-being. Make strategic decisions now that will put your company in the best possible position when it comes time to grow and scale your company. Learn all this and more in this episode of Startup Straight Talk.
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November 14, 2019

Founder’s Guide to the Y Combinator Interview

Twice a year, I get a ton of cold emails asking some version of the following question: how can I do well in my Y Combinator interview? Rather than try (and fail) to respond individually, I put together the following

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November 7, 2019

The Founder’s Guide to Selling Your Startup Company

For most founders, selling a company is a life changing event that they have had no training for. At Y Combinator, one big thing we help our startups with is navigating questions around the acquisition process. Originally, I wrote this guide

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October 30, 2019

How to Raise a Seed Round

We learned something interesting by running Atrium Scale, a bootcamp for raising Series A funding from VCs: many applicants aren’t ready for a Series A. They haven’t figured out things like customer acquisition costs, unit economics, business model, and other

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