Considerations as you grow your headcount

The best companies are either great at hiring or great at firing. A great culture requires you to be excellent at both. A hire can have massive influence (good or bad) over a team’s morale and engagement. Know your guidelines so that you can fire just as fast and efficiently as you can hire—to cultivate a culture of trust and transparency.

In this webinar, hear from Kei Nishimura Drake, Atrium Counsel, as she discusses the hiccups and lessons learned she’s observed as acting Counsel for many leading Silicon Valley startups, including:

  • The importance of hiring correctly from hire #1
  • What essential terms should be on every hiring contract
  • Consultants vs. Employees vs. Advisors
  • Legal concerns you should be aware of when terminating employees and how to set yourself up for a smooth termination
  • Considerations for post-termination exit windows and other equity related matters