Hire world-class talent with intention, diversity, and process

Develop a consistent candidate experience and scalable data-driven processes

Whether you’re looking to establish your employer brand, accelerate recruiting operations, or need help making a handful of key hires, our hiring services are tailored to fit your company’s needs.

First, we pair you with an Atrium Advisor to thoroughly analyze and understand your company’s hiring philosophy and goals. The advisor will then make strategic recommendations and identify tangible next steps that the right provider in our network can help deliver.

Hiring strategy

Define a competitive hiring strategy with employer brand at top of mind, a diverse sourcing approach, and an impressive interview process.

  • Talent mapping & profiles

    We review your current staff, identify talent gaps, and create job/candidate profiles as a blueprint of desired competencies for open roles.

  • Interview guidance

    We enable effective interviewing and better hiring decisions by developing structured interview plans, evaluations for culture fit, and interview training.

  • Diversity training & sourcing

    We conduct unconscious bias training for hiring teams and assist in building talent pools of underrepresented groups.

  • Offer process & package

    We define an offer framework to improve acceptance rates and develop custom, company-branded offer packages.

  • Employment branding

    We help establish a differentiated and desirable brand among candidates, including your company’s Glassdoor, Linkedin, and careers page strategies.

Operations & recruitment

Accelerate your recruiting efforts by implementing best-in-class tools, leveraging unutilized data, and outsourcing work to augment your current team.

  • Tools implementation

    We implement key hiring systems and tools to equip your team to effectively manage your candidate pipeline, scheduling, and hiring process.

  • Metrics definition & tracking

    We help identify key hiring metrics, build dashboards, and evaluate your funnel conversion to guide continuous improvement in your hiring outcomes.

  • Recruitment outsourcing

    For companies that need to make a few key hires but don’t have the resources to do it internally, we can take on your recruiting from sourcing to offer.

Meet our advisors

Your Atrium Advisor will personally evaluate your hiring needs, offer specific advice and guidance toward your hiring goals, and handpick top-tier service providers from our curated professional services network to deliver on your agreed upon solutions.

Our Hiring Advisors have a combined 20 years of experience recruiting in the tech industry at agencies, in-house, and as independent consultants. They’ve developed strong employer brands, tripled engineering and product teams, and helped high-growth companies build and scale their recruiting organizations.

Jenny Jongejan

Nathalie Pretzer

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