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Through personal mentorship and guidance from your Atrium Advisor, we will assess your startup’s health and match you with our industry-leading professional services providers to ensure you hit critical milestones on time and within budget.

As former founders and entrepreneurs, Atrium shares a strong belief system with its professional services providers. One that breaks the mold. We are here to ensure you are no longer bogged down by the operational details, and instead are able to focus on your superpower – building your company.

Meeting the needs of high-growth startups

Two of the most critical but time-consuming jobs of a startup founder or executive are knowing when to invest in different areas of the business and how to invest. Let us take this guesswork away by helping you make the right decisions to effectively grow and scale your business.


From formation to equity granting and immigration to financing, we have industry-leading legal providers that understand the speed at which startups need to move while not compromising compliance or the quality of work.

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With fundraising experts by your side, we’ll minimize the frustration while maximizing the results of your fundraising process so that you can get the terms you want from the right investors.

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HR & Culture

Establishing a shared philosophy of your company’s culture and policies is critical to attracting and retaining talent. We help you cultivate an engaged workforce that unlocks effective execution across your company.

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Attracting key talent is at the crux of your ability to succeed, but it’s time-consuming for startups to make the right hire. We help you grow your team thoughtfully and establish the data-driven processes to attract and hire the right talent.

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Finance, Accounting, & Tax

The health of your business depends on your revenue strategy and discipline with cash management. Gain access to your own office of the CFO to get your financials in order without the overhead costs.

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Growth, Marketing, & Sales

As you see traction in the market, your sales and marketing strategy becomes critically important to your ability to scale. We help you make the market impact you need for cost-effective customer acquisition and growth acceleration.

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Pricing & Product

Nailing product-market fit is something few startups get right. We help conduct user research to uncover customer needs and willingness to pay so you can build a remarkable product with pricing that captures customer value.

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