One platform for startups and providers to connect and collaborate

Receive the advice and support you need with ease

The Atrium Platform connects you with the provider that has been hand-selected for you by your Atrium Advisor making it easy to receive the advice and support your company needs to grow and scale.

Simplified Workflow

Personalized provider selection

Atrium Advisors connects you to the right subject-matter experts to achieve your next stage of growth without the tedious work of you having to find and vet a qualified provider.

Document Management

Centralized and frictionless collaboration

Our collaboration hub brings together project tracking, document management, and conversations with your providers so you have a complete view of your work.

Centralized collaboration

Simple and transparent billing

No billing nightmares. For each network provider, receive one consolidated invoice each month with the detail you need to understand what you’re paying for.

A team of subject-matter experts assembled for you

Based on your company’s unique needs and objectives uncovered in your Atrium Advisor assessment, we hand-select providers from our professional services network who are best suited to advise and execute your work.

A collaboration hub to manage your projects

With end-to-end visibility into your projects and documents, you can more easily stay on top of important matters and keep your provider’s priorities aligned with your company’s goals.

  • Project tracking

    At a glance, see all work you have in progress and identify where your input is requested without having to email your provider.

  • Frictionless collaboration

    Communicate with your Atrium Advisor and network providers in the context of specific projects or documents so conversations aren’t lost in your inbox.

All of your corporate documents, managed in one place

Spend less time managing and tracking down your documents. Our robust document management keeps you, your Atrium Advisor and network providers on the same page.

  • Documents made accessible

    Quickly find the document you need using full-text search. Relevant documents are also linked to your projects for reference.

  • Versioning and redlining

    Instead of emailing back and forth with new versions of your documents, manage multiple versions centrally and easily identify changes with redlining.

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